The HCG diet is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to lose weight. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone better known as HCG, and it helps the body to burn fat quickly when used in the proper way. When combined with a low calorie diet it encourages the body to burn its existing stores of fat; this is how excess weight is burned off. The body becomes leaner and slimmer. Nu Image Medical is one of the best places to go for HCG and to learn about the diet for many reasons.

Benefits with NU Image


NU Image provides several different benefits with their program. There is the opportunity to speak live with licensed doctors. You will also receive supplements. This will make sure you get all the vitamins your body needs. When you are approved you can even get delivery the next day to start your injections and diet. Food for your diet will be delivered to you already prepared. You will even receive HCG diet shakes. All of these foods are HCG diet safe and satisfying as well. Make sure you stick to them for success.

The Original Protocol

The NU Image Medical HCG plan follows the original protocol. It was created by Dr. Albert Simeons and has proven to provide the best results. Since this diet protocol was created by a real doctor, while many others out there were not, this means this protocol is the smart one to use when you need to lose a lot of weight. Regular injections of HCG, combined with a small daily calorie intake, will promote fat burning to let you lose the pounds quickly. The diet plan is very strict but will be provided for you. It is simple to follow this diet because everything is delivered to you. Do not skip any part of the plan for best results.

The HCG diet has proven to be quite beneficial to many people. It provides everything necessary to lose weight. You will be able to keep eating foods you enjoy. You will also be able to burn the fat you want to lose. Make sure you are paying attention to all of the rules. The first few days may be difficult, but remember that everyone struggles sometimes. If you stick with this diet through the difficult days you will start to see results quite fast. This is one of the reasons that the HCG diet is so popular with people. Everyone likes to see their hard work produce excellent results as soon as possible.

Are you looking for a quick and slim methodology? Here is the HCG diet – the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone combined with dieting restrictions. An insight into why the HCG diet works in weight loss can be closely coined on its production and working, along with the conditions under which it is administered. This is a natural human hormone that is synthesized by the placenta in pregnant woman and is known to control the early stages of birth. However, the form used in weight control is a natural variant that is generated from sterile cells in the laboratory and not harvested from women or animals which has been the misconception doing rounds for quite some time.

The mode of this hormone that is effective is normally administered via injection, which allows it to naturally raise the hormone level in blood. This hormone has been known to be the major cause for low appetite in pregnant women at the early stages of pregnancy. It is known to induce nausea or vomiting, a characteristic, which limits food intake and puts a restriction on the meals such persons can take.


When injected into the blood stream of an individual, this hormone is known to highly minimize the amount of food intake, a key process of a slimming program. The effectiveness if this HCG diet will usually be guaranteed by the dietary restrictions that come with it and require one to have a maximum of two meals each day, breakfast and dinner. During these meals, one has to consume one protein, one bread, one fruit and one vegetable.
The kind of diet one embarks on during HCG injections is the main reason why the HCG diet works more effectively. With this restricted diet, one is ingesting an average of less than five hundred calories a day, which in turn prompts the body to spend the available reserves for energy. This has the effect of burning calories stored in the fatty tissues thereby reducing on the body size.

This hormone is further known to ignite the production of other body hormones. In most cases obesity stems from lack of adequate levels of the specific body hormones required to control weight gain which in turn gives the mind a distorted signal on food reservation. Availability of this hormone in the blood prompts for production of the hormones, which in turn optimizes the body metabolism.

HCG controls when and where the storage of body fat occurs by its resetting of the hypothalamic gland. Its high levels in blood will imply to the body that there is enough fat in storage and therefore a need to have the body taking in less and less food alongside raising the rate at which stored fats are burned by the body cells. Availability of this hormone also prompts the fat cells in the body to release about 3500 calories to the body every day and thus one will have the necessary energy while observing a strict diet.

Since weight loss involves a reduction for fat stored in the body tissues, there is a risk of muscle wastage. Availability of HCG in the blood stream creates an effect of muscle building by generation of other hormones such as testosterone. These hormones avoid the muscle from wearing off during weight reduction.

Since real human hormone is used for this injection, it is important that its use be under medical supervision to ensure all necessary precautions are taken into consideration before it is implemented for effective results.

Living a natural lifestyle ideally means using the natural alternatives that are more effective and less destructive or less toxic. What may be regarded to as natural normally may under critics not be regarded so though it is important to appreciate the advantages it may have. It is characterized by simplicity and being nature inspired.

Foremost, some foods have been regarded to as natural foods. This includes foods that are picked right from the farm and onto the plate. This includes fruits, fruit extracts and vegetables mostly. Others are directly from the farm then cooked. This has seen most people have home gardens to grow their food produce. This together with other farm produces like eggs has been referred to as real food.

Cooking own food from home where you have control over the ingredients and being able to choose whether to add any additives or not. This enables you to avoid other food substances that may not be of benefit to the health. Using healthy cooking oils and other natural ingredients to prepare the food you eat.

It may refer to the lifestyle focused on preventive measures over diseases or risks rather than being exposed to actual dangers. This is a healthy conscious lifestyle that will always ensure that all preventive measures against any disease or health risk are in place. Also involves taking good care of the environment and self to prevent any exposure to harmful substances that may cause sicknesses or so.

Opting for natural medication in case of ailments or diseases is part of embracing nature guided lives. Most medicines are from plants extracts or plant parts and some people opt for these direct or herbal products for cure.

Exercising through the simple everyday activities like walking or jogging is part of it. This means keeping the body in shape without really having to take in supplements. Maintaining a physically fit body through engaging in simple daily activities allows the body to naturally burn down fat and to produce its own energy. Visiting the gym facility to also exercise more to enhance the fitness is also part of this.

By being less wasteful in regard to the amount of food items to be used, it is nature friendliness. There is plenty of wastage that is associated with irresponsible lifestyles and this has been a major problem. Being able to determine the amount of food you need to consume in the right measure will prevent wastage and ensure that.

In the case of an urban setting, being cautious on the type of food you take and ensuring that the food is not out of genetic modification is what people mean when they say a live natural lifestyle. It is when one gets to check every detail of any processed food items and focus carefully on the nutritional components before choosing to take any. Basically it is all about individual choice but with regard to what is beneficial to the body and poses minimal risks to the health condition.

A healthy well fed body gives the real story on diet and weight loss. Losing weight is not always a sign of good health but can be it is important to have a body that has a good basic mass index. Dieting involves taking food in a regulated manner to shed off extra weight which research on it has disapproved some of its presumed effectiveness to body weight reduction.

Reducing the food amount or the frequency of meals has been widely believed to reduce the body weight. This is a strenuous involvement that cannot be sustained for long. It is usually a short term application that deprives the body plenty of essential nutrients and energy. Starving is never an effective way of reducing body weight.


Some natural foods may contain fats that may otherwise be associated with junk or processed food that has been widely the apparent cause of obesity. Consuming these natural foods with fats will still have an impact over the body weight eventually. Avoiding these foods might also render the body to be in a state of malnutrition.

Weight losing diets are highly restrictive in meal content with some food item out of their menu or in very little amounts and this may make a person feel constantly hungry. The hungry feel stocks and eventually creates a food craving that again may include eating plenty of the food. This will have definitely disadvantaged the intention of dieting.

Dieting may also restrict or devalue the worth of engaging in physical activities. Many dieters have assumed dieting to being the substitute of physical activity and this deprives the body the physical wellness in the long run. An unfit body is most likely to be hurt easily or get fatigued fast even after short daily activities like walking.

Without sufficient food in the body, metabolism rate reduces drastically. Metabolism is actually the process of conversion of food into energy and depends on the food the person eats. Slow metabolism is often associated with dieting effects. The higher the metabolic rate in the body, the higher the calories the body burns and so a fast metabolism rate will help you with weight loss.

There is eating disorders created by dieting eventually and this may include irregular eating patterns or over-consumption of the foods. It may include a single diet food, which instead of contributing to weight loss, leads to health hazards. This may get the body to stress mode.

The real story on diet and weight loss has particularly ended up to be medical conditions that go right down to the mind. Malnutrition has been one of the characteristic of dieting, and this sometime has direct physical impacts on the body. The body becomes weak and cannot handle the daily activities. It has been difficult to resume to normal eating once the desired weight is achieved and this means that it may turn out to be an anorexic condition, which is quite risky. It has in some cases culminated to mental conditions or disorder.

The single most diet plan is calories. This is why burning calories is the key to weight loss. Going to the gym and being active during the day adds up to having less weight. The moving of the feet, standing, and exercising generally burn a good number of calories in the body.

Calories are everything, effective diet influences the weight loss depending on the amount of calories consumed. You can limit your calories intake by gauging the diet you take. Each food type has the minimal number of calories in them. Setting an optimal level of consumption of food limits the level of calories intake.


Everything we eat and drink has calories. All this calories we consume are burned by each activity we carry out. This is important in understanding why burning calories is key to weight loss. They act as the fuel to our body. Intense exercises like standing, talking, working out burn more calories than simple tasks such as breathing, digesting food and pumping blood. The rate at which calories are burnt while lying down is very low.

It’s therefore important to have specific exercises to boost the metabolic rate so as to elevate the number of calories burn. The reason why most people gain weight is that their calories in are greater than their calories being burnt. Those who burn more calories than they consume actually have weight loss. Maintaining the same level of calories being burnt and those being consumed maintains your body weight.

The calories in excess when one consumes more calories than those consumed results in their storage. The excess are stored in the body as fat. This is how fat people gain their weight. Their daily intake is too much and so the calories in them are high. Their body gets more calories than they require. The other way excess calories are stored is as muscles. The calories in excess of the required are stored as muscles if there is exercise of the muscle areas.

To lose the already gained weight, then the calories consumes should be less than the calories burnt. This will make the body to burn the excess fat to produce more calories to counter their deficit. The energy required to carry out all body functions is got from the calories burnt. The number one rule for weight loss is having caloric deficiency.

Cutting calories promotes weight loss effectively. Cutting calories through dieting and exercise are the two most effective methods. The diet regulates the calories intake and the exercise burns the excess calories already stored. Starving yourself to reduce weight is very dangerous; it lowers your energy levels since there are no calories being taken. This results to added weight in the long run when you stop starving yourself. Gradual dieting and feeding plans should be put in place.
To maintain your weight will mean maintaining the calories in and calories out. The amount of calories consumes should be equal to the amount of calories burnt. This means that the body has no excess calories to store as fat in the body and so no weight gain and also the body has no caloric deficit and thus no weight loss. Maintaining a calorie level is key to body weight maintenance.